Dusting Off The Keyboard

It’s been quite a while since I dabled in the internet marketing game. I recently made a lifestyle change, quit drinking. I’ve found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands and that means I need something to fill that time with other than boredom. Now with that said, I’m dusting off the keyboard and getting back in the game.

I’ve got a lot knocked out already. I was never any good at running paid advertising campaigns, that’s where the big money is but fuck that’s where a ton of work is too. I basically just want to do some simple stuff and use organic traffic along with words and videos to make some residual income. Nothing really beats that feeling of having money deposited into your bank account automatically, getting checks in the mail at random and Money randomly placed into your PayPal account from time to time.

My IM History

Previously I only used SEO and spam tactics to make money. When I first got into it you didn’t even need a website, you could just make a hubpage hub, squidoo lens, ezines article and then blast it with links and all of a sudden you’ve got yourself a website ranking #1 for specified search terms. I probably had 10 websites and about 20 parasites at my peak. Every single one of them making me money from one source or another.

I also had a lot of luck with Twitter. Using the Tweet Attacks software and just buying accounts by the thousand. I made some nice coin combining @replies and CPA offers.

Current Objectives

2 niches I’m diving into, one of them is credit repair for the reason that I want a website that is going to be able to easily get me $500-$1000 a month residual and that niche is worth a bunch of scratch. Competition is definitely higher but we’re going to get creative with how we drive traffic.

The next niche is a more local one with less competition but could possibly be valued at around the same. I found an expired domain from back in 2006 with some exact match search terms. Back in the day that’s all you needed with some links, I guess we’ll be finding out how much it’s going to take to rank these days.

As an added bonus I’m going to do my best to keep this site updated with shit to make me some money as well. Overall goal is a nice residual of $800-$1600 a month between the 3 sites by the end of the year. I’d be happy with $300-$500 though.

Current Progress

Just bought one domain, about to head to my day job. Added a privacy policy to this site.